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Pope Francis' prayer intention for December 2021


Let us pray for Catechists, summoned to announce the Word of God; may they be it's witnesses, with courage and creativity and in the power of the Holy Spirit, with joy and much peace.

This December 2021, Catechists all over the World are being prayed for. This shows how important this ministry is in the Catholic Church. Catechists help recruit new members in the Church - as the Priests cannot do all these - they groom the Recruits and help them become Members of the Church. Every Priest, Deacon, Bishop, Archbishop, Cardinals and even the Pope, have at one point been groomed by a Catechist to become whatever it is they are today. That is why this ministry is so very important.

Here is a transcript of the Pope Video above. Catechists have an invaluable mission for the transmission and growth of the faith. The Lay ministry of Catechists is a Vocation; it's a mission. Being a Catechist means that you "are a catechist," not that you "work as a Catechist." It is an entire way of being and we need good catechists who are both Companions and Teachers. We need creative people who proclaim the Gospel but who proclaim it neither with a mute, nor with a loudspeaker but rather with their lives, with gentleness, with a new language and opening new ways. In many Dioceses and many Continents, evangelization is fundamentally in the hands of a Catechist. Let us thank Catechists for the interior enthusiasm with which they live this mission at the service of the  Church. Let us pray for the Catechists, summoned to announce the word of God; may they be it's witnesses with courage and creativity, and in the power of the Holy Spirit, with joy and much peace.

So, let us all join the Pope in this month's prayer intention for Catechists, as we remember him also in our prayers, that the weight of the World and it's cruel distresses will not limit his productivity.

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