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"Prepare a way for the Lord, make his path straight." Prophet Isaiah made this statement first before even Mark talked about it in his Gospel.

In preparation for Advent, we are to make our lives as well as our environment ready to meet in Lord. In light of preparing to meet the Lord, there are loads of things to be done so as to prepare for Jesus' second coming. We just need to turn away from Sin and turn to God in faith, by purifying our lives in Acts of Reparation.

In this article, we are simply talking about Games -  Advent and Christmas Games . At, there are loads of games to be played just on the web without having to download the Application to your phone. We have the opportunity to entertain ourselves playing games in the spirit of Christmas. offer a wide variety of online Video Games like Arcade Games, Awe Shooting Games, Cartoon Games, Comic Games, Education, Solitaire, sport Games, Retro Pixels, Base Defense, Simulation Games and not forgetting the search button on the top left of the Screen, where you can search for a game of your own choice.

Advent and Christmas Games helps keep Children and even Adults in the know that Christmas is around the corner. One very fine Game recommended is the Christmas Tree Game.  This Game lets both Children and the Young at heart pick out a Tree and decorate it in anticipation of the real deal. This is a great way to get Children excited for the Yuletide Season. The task in this Game is to decorate a Christmas Tree with a broad array of ornaments. You can even print your finished work.

There are loads of other Christmas Games in like

Santa Run - This is a horizontal idle tapping endless Game runner, where you play as Saint Nicholas himself. Deliver gifts down each Chimney you pass and jump across the Rooftops. Watch out! It's a long way down.

Santa Rush - Where Saint Nicholas himself is featured. Help Saint Nick jump across platforms and keep running for as long as possible. Collect Candies to score points.

Christmas Pipes - This is a simple Pipe puzzle Game. Rotate the Pipes and bring the presents to the Christmas Tree. Special Pipes add tactical challenges in later levels.

kindergarten Christmas Lights - This is a decorating Game, where Kids can decorate a House with spectacularly coloured Christmas Lights.

There are many more Christmas Games in and Parents are encouraged to help their Children grow plating worthwhile Games.

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