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Thousands of people, including youths, goes to Assisi for what is one of the most important celebration in the town of St. Francis and Saint Clare – the Feast of the Pardon of Assisi.

Franciscans throughout the world celebrate the Feast of the Pardon of Assisi, starting in the morning of August 1st and ends at midnight on August 2nd.

According to tradition, on the night of Monday, August 1, 1216, Saint Francis of Assisi was praying for the salvation of souls in the chapel of the Porziuncola, when he had a vision of Christ and the Blessed Virgin Mary surrounded by a host of Angels.

Francis requested a pardon with a complete remission of sins, to all those who entered the church, confessed their sins and repented. Francis obtained approval from Pope Honorius III and the Indulgence became known as the “Pardon of Assisi”

For centuries, the Indulgence could only be granted in the Chapel of the Porziuncola. It was extended to all Franciscan churches and later to all parish churches throughout the world.

The conditions to obtain the Plenary Indulgence of the Pardon of Assisi are as follows:
  1. To attend confession within eight days either before or after visiting the Chapel of the Porziuncola or indeed any Franciscan Church throughout the world.
  2. Participation in Holy Mass and Eucharist.
  3. Recitation of the Apostles Creed, Our Father, and a prayer for the Holy Father’s intention.

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