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Conversation between God and Saint Maximilian Mary Kolbe
Saint Maximilian Maria Kolbe

A fictional conversation between God and Saint Maximilian Maria Kolbe on the Day of Judgement

God - Let the man from Poland  who is to be judged come forward. Maximilian Mary Kolbe.

Maximilian - I am present, sir

God - Young man, I need you to render account of your life.

Maximilian - I am prepared my Lord.

God - You desired to be a priest and I made you one.

Maximilian - Yes my Lord

God - Tell me how you used your office

Maximilian - My Lord, I became a priest and I consecrated my vocation to the heart of your Blessed Mother who obtained the grace for me

God - What achievements did you make?

Saint Maximilian Mary Kolbe Newspaper dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary
Saint Maximilian Mary Kolbe holding his Newspaper, Maly Dziennik

Maximilian - By your grace I opened a newspaper for promotion of Marian devotion which spread throughout Poland and various parts of the world. Many souls were won for You by this means.

God - You lived during the period of persecution by Adolf Hitler.

Edith Stein
Saint Teresa Benedicta of the Cross (Edith Stein)

Maximilian - Yes my Lord. In that concentration camp we the hostages suffered so much such that I pitied a man who was to leave his family to die and I took his place to die in his stead. The same Hitler killed many of my Polish compatriots including the Carmelite, Edith Stein.

God - Yes, but why did you die for that man?

Maximilian - I was inspired by what Jesus did on the Cross for me. Hence, I was compelled at that moment by what love is, and recalled too that the Blessed Mother had revealed to me as an infant before being a Franciscan of her Immaculate that I will be a martyr. Thus, I died for him because I am sure I am a priest to save my neighbor.

God - Oh! Good and faithful steward.

Maximilian - Thank You my Lord.

God - Rejoice dear son,  for Edith Stein and some other martyrs are here. The blood of the martyrs is the seed of the Church.

Maximilian - I don't understand, sir.

God - Today your sacrifice has merited you the price to be a Saint.

Maximilian - Thank You Lord.

God - that man you died for will keep spreading your cause till you are canonized.

God - Rejoice therefore O Maximilian for today you are one of us.

Maximilian - Blessed be God in His Angels and in His Saints.

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