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A video surfaced on Facebook, posted by one Mary Rose. This video shows a wooden Altar burnt at the edge and the fire did not come close to the Sacramentals on the Altar.

In this video, there is a room, presumed to be a Chapel, where there are about 20 worshippers, male, female and Children, and two priests. One of the Priest, noting that the occurrence is supernatural explained that there is power in the Holy Eucharist.

another eucharistic miracle blessed sacrament escaped fire

Here is a transcript of the Words of the Priest.

"...and we hold Eucharistic celebration on it. And the fire burnt either from this end or from the other end."

"The mystery is, how did it just move on a straight line and got gutted at the same time, came to this place and stop. It didn't burn ahead, it just took the same line, the same way it stopped here was the same way it stopped at the other end. And if you watch what is on the ground, you'll see that it was complete burning. These are burnt complete. They are rubber and it should help to burn down even the wood and it didn't consume it."

"And another mystery is, when you come to this place, you see, this is Bible(Nso), this thing we use in demarcating the Bible was not burnt. It's a mystery and the line was there. You see it came at this place and projected to keep away from the Blessed Sacrament. It gave way from the Blessed Sacrament and got to the tip of this cross and just touched it to show, ehh, what mystery is all about. It didn't take away, it didn't touch where is Jesus the King of the Jews, it didn't touch. So it just shows miracle. The handiwork of God and this should convince us that there is power in the Blessed Sacrament and whoever toys with it is toying with God Himself in Heaven."

"So God is present in the Blessed Sacrament. Otherwise, there is no reason, this is Harmattan period and nobody was here and nobody could quench it, it was burning on it's own, it could have burn, and all the while, it didn't burn in one direction, it didn't burn in the other direction, why must it be in a straight line,? Is a serious question, why must it be from the other end to this end, why not even go in a bit, why not consume these things that where the Blessed Sacrament is.? And this is a wooden Altar, not iron, not ehn (ceramic) cement or whatever. See it (hits the Altar beneath), so this shows the power of the Blessed Sacrament and let us know that we have to worship God in spirit and in truth. These are Reverend Fathers, they are witnesses to what happened here, and they came to thank God and to glorify God with me, for this is 7 days prayer in my family and it happened on the 5th day, at the night of the 5th day. So, showing a confirmation, at least for the 7 days prayer we declared for this family, so this is why we say that God is alive, Amen."

"A song says," the Priest then continue with a song in Igbo language, "Igosigo'm idi ebube, Chineke mo, Onye'Oma, Igisogo'm ihurum n'anya, okaka Onye'Oma."

After this song, the Priest then lead the Sub Tuum Praesidium, that is we fly to your Patronage.

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