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Biden denied communion by Archbishop

There have been lot of controversy concerning President Joe Biden on participating in Holy Communion in the Catholic Church.

President Joe Biden, who attends the Catholic Church and claims to be a Catholic but acts against the teaching of the Catholic Church, has had issues with most staunch Catholic who thinks he should be excommunicated.

Source - EWTN 

The voice in the video above is that of a reporter, who asked President Joe Biden that "the Catholic Bishops are moving on this resolution that would prevent you and others who've supported abortion from receiving communion. Are you concerned about the rift in the Catholic Church and how do you feel personally about that?"

President Joe Biden replied, "that's a private matter and I don't think its gonna happen. Thank You.

President Joe Biden's response on this issue actually devastated a whole lot of Catholics. It is good he said it is a private matter, but thinking it's not gonna happen is undermining the power of the Bishops of the Catholic Church. There has been a lot of powerful people in the history of the Catholic Church, who's been excommunicated, not to talk of being prevented from receiving communion.

On the other hand, some people thinks the Catholic Bishops should not exercise God's law since the Scripture itself has made it clear through the letter of Saint Paul to the Corinthians that those who eat and drink unworthily, eats and drink condemnation upon himself. These sects therefore expects the Bishops to keep their cool and let God be the ultimate Judge.

President Joe Biden is regular at Mass, and according to him, he personally opposes abortion but does not think he should impose the right on Americans, who feels otherwise.

What's your take on this issue? Feel free to use the comment section.


  1. An astonishing lack of backbone displayed by a leader in not protecting the weakest members of society, the unborn. You cannot side with the devil and expect a reward from God ...

  2. Not only do Priests, Bishops, Cardinals, and the Pope, himself, if giving him Communion allow him to condemn his should, but, are they not condemning their own souls in participating in his sacrilege?

    It would be one thing if his support for the killing of innocent babies was a private matter - but, he is a public figure and purports to be a "devout Catholic." He is a CINO (Catholic In Name Only) and we must pray for his conversion!

    Where are our Bishops and where is our Pope?


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