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Mhel Emm Keith Talaboc lay prostrated before the Altar

"I am my Beloved and my Beloved is mine."
Song of Songs 6:3

Saturday, April 10, 2021, is a day to reckon with. A young woman, Mhel Emm Keith Talaboc consecrated her life totally to God as a consecrated Virgin, by Archbishop José S. Palma presider.

Consecrated Virgins are women, who dedicated their virginity perpetually to God, deciding not to have a Spouse. Their decision to live without a Spouse has to do with the decision they took, which is Christ, being their bride. In this sense, they are wedded to Christ by a local bishop and are guided by their local bishop for the rest of their lives, since their decision is eternal.

Like Reverend Sisters, who choose Christ as their bride, they are never married, as they dedicate their perpetual virginity to God and are set aside as sacred persons belonging to Jesus in the Catholic Church.

Consecrated Virgins may decide to live outside, that is, a public life, where they have more time and chance to impart the lives of those they encounter positively.

Secretary of the Congregation for Consecrated Life, Archbishop José Rodriguez Carballo said, "consecrated persons lead their lives dedicated to prayer, penance, works of mercy and the Apostolate, each according to their own charism, and the gospel as a fundamental rule of life."

With great joy Oblate Mhel Emm Keith Talaboc, gave her life totally to God in perpetual virginity. She has chosen to live amidst God's people in the public. This is a great witness to God's fidelity and she has generously given her virginity back to God in return. Emm's consecration is a sign of hope that we can still lead a holy life in this secular world of ours.

Here beneath are more pictures from the liturgical celebration of the consecration of the virginity of Mhel Emm Keith Talaboc to God.

Archbishop José S Palma and Mhel Emm Keith Talaboc

Congratulations "Em-Em." May you inspire more people by the very life you have chosen. God bless you and we are so happy to share this beautiful moment with you.

To learn more about the total Consecration of one's virginity to God, click here.

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