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On Wednesday, March 24, 2021, at his General Audience, Pope Francis said that the Blessed Virgin Mary is not a co-redeemer.

This statement raised a lot of dust as Catholics and even non-catholics air their opinion on the issue.

Maria Antonietta said on Facebook, "Mary is our Mother and Co-redemptrix as she works alongside her son. I do not agree with Pope Francis."

Thomas Rotante said that the Pope should read the 'City of God," by Sis. Mary Agreda.

Stan Van der As said, "Rubbish! Heresy! OL Mary is Co- redeemer!!!"

This comment also generated a lot of reactions on Reddit, on the Christianity subreddit. Many people supported the Pope with their comments, while some others kicked against it.

ProspectorChigg said, "in other words, she's assistant to the redeemer, not Assistant Redeemer."

Here's a screenshot of ParagonAlex333 comment, who expressed his disappointment.

Where some people criticized the Pope for making such utterance, someone like Jattack33 said he is glad that the Pope came to such conclusion.

Caretos explained why he thinks the Pope is right, "because she also sacrificed her son and suffered plenty for it, "a Sword will pierce your own Soul," for the salvation of us all she assented and participated in the plan of salvation, although not in equal measure to God ...

Read more of People's reaction to the Pope's statement on Christianity subreddit and don't forget to share your own opinion in the comment box.



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