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How long, O Lord? A Lament by Bishop Ambo David

How long O Lord, will you make me celebrate Mass without joy before empty pews?

How long will you make me preach a homily to a camera and imagine people attending virtually from their homes?

How long will I break the Eucharistic bread and have no one to partake it with?

How long will we keep reciting the “oratio imperata” which we have prayed for more than a whole year already?

How long before we can again sing our hearts out in Church, belt out our praise songs or just speak in tongues again?

How long before we can ever see a joyful smile again behind those masks and face shields?

How long before we can ever again hold, or shake, or kiss each other’s hands?

How long will we have to leave our loved ones to suffer or die alone in a hospital ICU?

How long will we have to endure the loss of our loved ones without the chance of grieving together, of hugging or embracing each other or wiping away each other’s tears?

How long will you keep our elders deprived of confession, communion, or even just the joy of visiting you again in  the Blessed Sacrament?

How long before we can hear again the welcome noise and comforting giggles of children inside our chapels and churches?

How long will the list of Mass intentions for the sick, the dying and the dead keep getting longer?

How long o Lord? How long?

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