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What happens when you kill a Priest a seminarian asked

A Seminarian in the Diocese of Makurdi, Ibi Emmanuel, had penned his grief concerning the death of Rev. Fr. John Gbakaan. Emmanuel themed his write up as, "what happens when you kill a Priest?"

Father John Gbakaan was assassinated by suspected assassins, after he was abducted along Lambata Road, Minna, on January 15, 2021. Before the tragic incident, Fr. John was the Pastor of Saint Anthony Catholic Church in Gulu.

The Pastor of Saint Theresa Catholic Church, Fr. John Jatau, confirmed the death of the deceased. He said that the deceased had gone with his brother to visit their mother in Makurdi, Benue State on Thursday, January 14. The deceased and his brother were then ambushed by gunmen on their way back on January 15, near Tufa Village.

The deceased Priest body was found around the site of the kidnap, as his body was almost impossible to identify. A machete is said to have been used to kill him.

Ibi Emmanuel's words on his Facebook timeline on are: "In recent times we have witnessed a lot of cases involving the kidnap and killing of priests for reasons I am yet to understand up till this moment, it sounds so mysterious to me that priests who are ministers of God are now major targets of kidnap. This menance is gradually becoming a norm in our society today.

Presbyterorum Ordinis, the Second Vatican Council's Decree on the ministry and life of Priests begins with this statement: “Priests by sacred ordination and mission which they receive from the Bishops are promoted to the service of Christ the Teacher, Priest and King. They share in His ministry, a ministry whereby the Church here on earth is unceasingly built up into the People of God, the Body of Christ and the Temple of the Holy Spirit”. This informs us of the sacred and unique importance of Priests to the World. 

Now this is what happens when you kill a Priest;

1. When you kill a Priest, you deny a thousand souls the privilege of listening to the Gospel message which has an eternal bearing on them and their immediate environment, when you kill a Priest you allow a lot of souls to be lost in the world of ignorance, thereby leading them to damnation. 

2. When you kill a Priest you deny a thousand souls the privilege of Participating at the Eucharistic Sacrifice upon which the other sacraments and ecclesiastical ministries are built upon, you deny the Catholic faithful the privilege or the duty of obeying Christ's injunction of celebrating the Eucharist in remembrance of him, you deny them the privilege of being fed spiritually thereby leaving them hungry. 

3. When you kill a Priest you deliberately deny a thousand souls the privilege of being  reconciled with God when they wrong him, you deny them the right of being anointed during moments of illness, you deny intending Married couples the privilege of having God's Minister withness their union. 

4. When you kill a Priest you deny the Bishop and Priests of a Collaborator in the ministry of Service to God's people, thereby making the ministry more burdensome for those who are still living. 

5. When you kill a Priest you infringe a lot of curses and misfortune upon yourself, The Priest is a mediator of God's Blessings and Forgiveness, when you kill a Priest you place a ban on God's Blessings and Forgiveness. 


You may kidnap, kill them but that will not stop God's work from fulfilling its purpose, you definitely need to have a change of heart and to repent from this evil. I pray constantly that God touches your heart to stop this.

The Priest is for us! 

Stop the Killing of Priests! 

Go well Fr. John Gbakaan, May Christ whom you served on earth receive you into His bossom."

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