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Saint John Bosco and his big grey dog, saint john bosco guardian angel, saint john bosco miracles

One of the captivating stories recorded among Catholic saints is the one that happened to Saint John Bosco.

The extraordinariness of this story goes beyond a story that uniquely and exclusively happened to this Christian Saint, and is discovered in the experiences of other people, who perhaps are not so holy or so religious.

In 1883, while the hero of the youths was walking through the almost always dangerous streets of Turin, a dog with thick fur and perched ears began to follow him. Legends say it was a German shepherd, but according to what John Bosco says, the dog had its tail raised, and it is known that this breed of German dog, in addition to having its origin a few years later, its tail is always low. Anyways, John Bosco caressed him, and the meek dog began to accompany him every time the priest went to some dangerous places in the city. The saint with much affection then named him "Grigio".

Due to his multiple preaching and actions, John Bosco was not loved by a sect called the "Waldenses", who denied any form of worship that was not made directly to God.

One day, one of these Waldensians tried to kill John Bosco, but Grigio threw himself at the attacker, making him flee immediately.

On another occasion, an individual wanted to thrust a pole in John Bosco's back, the saint defended himself and drove him away, but the wrongdoer went to call his friends to continue with his mission but, Grigio interfered, and led them away so that they would desist from their bad intention.

On another occasion someone tried to suffocate the priest by covering him with a bag, but the dog caught him between his jaws, releasing him only at the request of John Bosco himself. The youth saint was very grateful to his guardian dog, that no one knows where he came from, nor where he returned.

This story poses a question to the mind of any human. "Is Grigio just a Dog, or John Bosco's guardian Angel.?" That question is left for God and John Bosco(since he is now in a transformed state in Heaven) alone to answer. Jesus said in the scripture that with God, all things are possible. This statement should not be limited to the story of the Camel passing through the eye of a needle alone, but it should be related to other aspects of life too.

God works in ways we can never imagine, according to Isaiah, His thoughts are far above ours. So we cannot understand whatever God have chosen to be mystery. According to Blessed Solanus Casey, "We should always appreciate God ahead of time," because He can choose whatever or whomever to be our guardian Angel, even an object.

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