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Years Ago, Pope Kissed A Baby On The Forehead And Months Later His Parents Discovered The Effect, babys tumor disappear after pope francis kissed him


Some years back, Pope Francis kissed a Baby on the Forehead and months later his Parents discovered the effect.

There are moments in life that will never be forgotten, no matter how long it has happened. Even if those whom it happened to may have advanced in age or have left the World for that place of glory, which Jesus promised all his true followers.

This true story is about a Catholic Parent and their child, "Gianna Masciantonio" who was said to have a blood hardship that affects one in ten million children and a dangerous tumor in her cerebrum.

They heard the Pope was visiting back in 2015, so the mother thought of being there. Looking at her baby's conditions, she sought the doctor's advice to know if it is safe for Gianna to go out there. Against all odds, they set out to meet the Pope, so as to engage God for their sick child.

Disregarding the long haul and warnings, they chose to perceive how it will end up and they are later thankful for that decision.

The family went to the spot as the Supreme Pontiff moved in.

Exactly when the Dad of the child saw Pope Francis advancing toward their domain, he held out the infant so high up to stand adequately separated to be seen and one of the security men of the Pope saw the infant and took her to the Pope. So the Pope kissed the child's forehead.

Right when the day was done, everything got back to old news.

Nonetheless, after about a month and a half, the child's family got a great new, the tumor in the infant's head had vanished.

When questions arose, attributing the child's healing to the Pope's kiss. The family said, "We will never acknowledge certainly, at any rate. "The kiss was God's work, it is certainly."

Do you trust God utilized the service of his Servant to heal the child? Not minding, if the family recognizes it.

Anyway, it's astonishing that the child's tumor had vanished, and we wish her an abundance joy for the rest of her life.

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