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Baptismal waters turn to holy Rosary beads


An ordinary picture of a baby-Valentino Mora, who had his infant baptism had been trending online.

At the Parish Church of the Assumption of Our Lady in Cordova, Spain, the infant baptism of a one-month old baby, amidst others took place.

Valentino is the Son of a single mother of 21-Erica.

Before the baptismal rites proper, Erica had not prepared for any photographer or probably, it skipped her mind.

So when it was Valentino's turn to be baptised, it occurred to Erica to take a picture of her own Son too, so she begged the Lady photographer passionately for just one shot.

Maria Silvana Salles, the photographer agreed to help her, so she snapped Valentino a the time the baptismal water was being poured on his head.

Maria Silvana works with a traditional photo company, so she had to send the film to Cordova to be developed.

When the finished pictures arrived, she took careful look at the images and behold she noticed that the waters of baptism, being poured on Valentino's head was shaped like the Holy Rosary.

The photo of baby Valentino had awakened the faith of the people of Cordova, as faithfuls flock Erica and Valentino's home to touch the picture.

Even the photographer, Maria Silvana Salles had made a lot of money from the sales of Valentino's picture, as some faithfuls who want to have the blessed picture to themselves, buy the duplicates from her, probably as a Prayer Card.

Looking at this strange occurrence, God may not have allowed it because of the mother and child alone, but for His own glory. The whole community in Cordova benefitted from it as it rekindled their faith. Even the photographer, who decided to help by snapping Valentino, since the mother could not afford to pay now benefits by selling lots of copies of the picture.

There's a glimmer of hope in the drops of water falling of the head of an infant whose original sin is being washed clean and whose life is being consecrated to Christ through the waters of baptism and through whom our dead faith is being awakened.


We cannot verify the authenticity of this story, so we leave it to the reader's discretion. With God, all things are possible, so He makes things happen for the good of His people and for the glory of His holy name.

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  1. I BELEIVE THIS STORY. IT IS A MIRACLE. PLS AGOD show us more miracles like this so to rekindle our poor faith in THEE. AMEN


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