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Divine infant Jesus of Prague, infant Jesus appeared, few days to Christmas


Jane was a rabidly aggressive Communist and an elementary teacher in a girls' school. It is always her mission to steal her Pupils Catholic faith, missing no opportunity to either mock their belief or to cunningly indoctrinate them in an atheistic propaganda.

One particular pupil, Ann, an intelligent, devout little leader, asked Fr. Norbert, a Parish Priest in Budapest, to let her receive Holy Communion daily to help her bear up under her teacher’s constant persecution.

“She will persecute you worse,” Fr. Norbert warned, but the ten-year-old insisted she needed Jesus more than ever.

Sure enough, from that day, sensing something different, Jane began a veritable psychological torture campaign.

On December 17, the schoolmistress devised a cruel trick meant to strike a deadly blow against what she termed “ancient superstitions infesting the school”.

In a sweet voice, she began to question the children, promoting atheism, arguing that things only exist that can be seen and touched. To illustrate her point, she asked Angela to step out of the room. Then she had the whole classroom call to her,

“Ann, come in!” called the girls in reciprocity.

Ann entered, fascinated, but conceiving a trap.

“You see, girls,” oiled Jane, “because Anna is a living person, someone we can see, hear and touch, when we call her she hears us. But suppose…we were to call the Infant Jesus, in whom some of you seem to believe…do you think He would hear you?”

There was a dead silence; then some voices hesitantly said,

“Yes, we do.”

“What about you, Ann”, asked the teacher.

Now Ann understood. She expected a trap, but not one so terrible. But she answered with ardent faith, “Yes! I believe that He hears me!”

Now Jane laughed loud and long. Then, turning to the class, she shot;

“Well! Then call Him!”


The Communist’s arguments had not been totally ineffective.

Suddenly, Ann rushed to the front of the class, her eyes burnished. Facing her classmates, she shouted,

“Listen girls, we are going to call Him! Let’s all call together: come, Infant Jesus!”

All the girls sprang to their feet and began, “Come, Infant Jesus, come, Infant Jesus…”

Jane was startled. She had not expected this reaction.

But the young ones continued. There was now an aura of expectant hope around the little leader.

When anticipation was at a height, the classroom door opened soundlessly, an intense brightness shining there, then entering the classroom and slightly increasing like the light of a great, gentle fire. In the midst of this splendor, there was a globe that shone with an even clearer light.

As the girls and teacher watched, riveted to the floor, the globe opened disclosing a handsome Infant dressed in a refulgent tunic. His smile was ravishing, as the little girls smiled back, in perfect peace and joy. Then, gently, the globe closed and disappeared through the door.

The children were still raptly gazing in the direction of the door, when they were jolted back to earth by a sharp scream.

“He CAME!” Screamed the terrified school mistress, “He CAME….!!!” And she fled down the hallway.

Fr. Norbert interrogated the little girls one by one. He attested under oath that he did not find the least contradiction in their accounts.

As for Jane, she was interned in an asylum. The tremendous shock of the apparition affected her godless mind, and she never stopped repeating, “He came, He came!”


  1. Thank you Lord. You are a living God. Let no one doubt this truth. Amen.

  2. Yeah He CAme to your heart and those who forsake Him...Jane

  3. Indeed, He comes though our naked eyes can't see Him but our hearts and eyes of faith do.


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